Megan Lutchman

Founder and Writer

Megan Lutchman is a newlywed homemaker and Christian! She has been on the internet in the conservative realm for quite some time, however, is overjoyed to finally be creating content that is not politically driven. Her content is about biblical womanhood, homemaking, married life, Christianity, and motherhood.

Riley Rosario


Riley Rosario is a wife, mother of two, and practicing doula who is passionate about pursuing truth through Gods living word. Her content is about biblical womanhood, motherhood, and the socio-political aspect of American culture and society.

Estrella Hanson


Estrella Hanson is a recent newlywed and homemaker who is one semester away from obtaining her bachelor’s in Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is passionate to spread biblical ideals in the local political sphere to encourage like minded people to remain focused on the Lord. Her content ranges from biblical femininity, marriage, beauty, fitness, and the spiritual take on today’s current events. 

Thalia Rodriguez


Thalia Rodriguez is a senior at Grand Canyon University and is earning her bachelor’s in Communications with a double minor in Professional Writing and Marketing. She’s finishing her education online while staying at her hometown in sunny San Diego, California. She’s passionate on writing content that focuses on singleness, Christ-centered relationships, purity, travel, beauty, wellness, and bringing more awareness on human trafficking.


Kara Singleton


Kara is a student studying at the University of South Florida. Her content is released with the desire to build her faith through her college years and spread Christ’s truth and grace. This content includes personal stories, cooking, fashion, femininity, and motivation for the pursuing believer.




Mary is an outspoken 20 year old Catholic conservative eager to share her ideas and critiques of contemporary culture. She’s a commentator for the authentic counterculture: one that affirms faith, family, and absolute truth. Grounded in her foundational beliefs, she aims to help likeminded young women navigate and interpret the latest trends. Anticipate her hot takes on topics related to fashion, pop culture, internet trends, and more!


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