How We Create and Teach Our Family Bible Lessons

Ever since we began homeschooling my stepdaughter with Classical Conversations we knew we wanted to expand more upon her biblical education! Ensuring your children have a strong foundation in Christ is essential now more than ever in our modern society. Upon this decision, I am blessed to have so many fruitful homeschool mom friends who are only a text away and I was able to be given great advice on things that worked for them and their families. After much consideration of their lessons, memory techniques, and hands-on activities, I was able to navigate how I would organize our families’ bible lessons.

Teach Bible Lessons In Order

My husband and I figured this out the first week we began teaching – teach every bible lesson in order as it becomes confusing otherwise. When I asked my husband for the first suggestion on what we should teach he excitedly exclaimed, “Let’s start with Adam and Eve!” After a week we came to realize that it was a bit confusing to explain Adam and Eve and the creation of humans without the other days of creation as well. Thankfully, it was no big deal and something we caught very early on! I bought a Children’s Beginner Bible a couple of months prior to homeschooling and I’ve been using that for organizing our weekly lessons.

Take Your Time

The best part about creating your families’ bible lessons is that you can spend as much or as little time on each person, event, topic, etc as necessary. If you want to ensure your children know the creation story and memorize what happened on each day of the week – you can use a full day to teach about each day of the creation story! If you want to just give an overall summary – then take one day to teach everything! The choice is ultimately up to you and your husband who is the spiritual leader of the house!

Don’t Make Everything Kid Themed

This advice was something I never thought about until I spoke to some of my other Christian mom friends and listened to Pastor Dale Partridge. I grew up in the church (despite not being born again during this time) and I was involved with VBS, Sunday School, Awana, and more. There was a point that I felt like I had “outgrown” church. Everything that was kid-themed suddenly felt foreign and “boring” as I began to mature into a young adult. Many other children have experienced the same thing (paired with other variables in their walk of faith) and it can cause them to unfortunately leave the church.

I try to read from my NJKV bible once a week or more so that my stepdaughter can become familiar with the mature language. Not only that, but she is not only looking at the pictures and a “fun bible” for her entire adolescence, then one day has to pick up the “boring bible” and no longer has an interest in learning more about our Lord. My same argument can be made for youth ministry as well which I argued in a previous blog post – I’ve tried to find a balance between the socialization of Children/Youth ministry and ensuring my stepdaughter has a well rounded biblical foundation at home.

Utilize Online Resources

The amount of helpful resources I have found from online Christian websites, Pinterest, and Christian mom bloggers has been insane! While I do tend to be quite innovative in the arts and crafts department thanks to my mom who is Martha Stewart 2.0, I am able to get tons of inspiration and free printables to use at any time!

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Your home is your ministry – it should feel no different when your children attend church every Sunday and are coloring, learning bible stories, and making friends. We are called to disciple our children and train them up in the ways the Lord commands us to. Pray over your children before, during, and after each lesson and ask God to help you guide them in His ways, stay focused and engaged, and have a heart for the Lord! Everything can be made into a lesson about God and His glory in your daily life! I pray these tips and overall advice help you train your children according to God’s will!

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