How To Decorate Your Homeschool Space On A Budget

When everyone agreed that we were all going to homeschool my stepdaughter – I had no clue where to begin. While I’ve followed tons of homeschool mamas for quite some time and had some level of knowledge, I didn’t know what materials I would need or how I would set up a homeschool space in our apartment. What I’ve come to realize is that much like with homeschooling…the options are endless and all up to you!

Since my stepdaughter is in kindergarten I knew we wouldn’t need anything too crazy, just simply the basics. Crayons, colored pencils, glue, books, etc. After talking to many of my friends who are homeschool mamas and endlessly browsing Pinterest I found my homeschool space style!

While I don’t like or advocate for the public school system, I did want to replicate the classroom style in my homeschooling space! I wanted the space to be fun, bright, and inviting to an energetic and bright 5-year-old!

With buying curriculum, curriculum supplies, and learning resources – things can get pricey. Your decorations shouldn’t and doesn’t have to break your bank. Everything can be found at Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree all year long!

Bulletin Boards

I knew I wanted the poster bulletin board style frames in our space! They’re cheap and easy to switch out throughout the school year to whatever you’d like (or keep one staple look if you’d like!)

Posterboard can be found anywhere for $1 but I wanted to add a border! While they have thicker borders at different places, I decided to create my own thin border with tape!

Ruler Tape + ABC Tape from Michaels!

I decided to get 2 plain $0.99 poster boards and sprulge on one glittery one I knew my stepdaughter would love! I got mine at Michaels but there is also one at Target for the same price.

Glitter Frame Border Poster from Target.

While the boards can have whatever you want on them, I decided to go with simple letters, numbers, and shapes since she is still in Kindergarten and becoming more familiar with the basics! However, there are endless options of poster board stick ons for whatever you’d like to put for your children to see each day!

Michaels has some amazing options along with Target as well for poster board decal options!

Classroom Decorations

I wanted to add some cute and motivational phrases and photos to go in our space. While this is not necessary at all, I wanted the space to have a cute sense of humor and style!

While browsing the Target Bullseye Section for the thousandth time last month, I came across the teacher’s section and was able to grab a bunch of fun classroom decorations! I cannot find anything linked on the website as most of their Bullseyes collections are first come, first serve, but there are options year around at other stores too!

Kindness Matters Tabletop Sign is from Michaels!

Learning Accessories

My husband and I didn’t want the homeschool space to take up too much of her room. What has saved our lives in terms of storage is…plastic storage bins! You can get whatever works for your space such as a Utility Cart or storage cabinet – something with wheels might even be helpful for your family! Storage bins were big enough to hold what we needed and not take up too much space!

We have the pink one for books and the black one for all the learning materials used in our homeschool!

In my stepdaughter’s curiculum she is learning about plains, mountains, states, and cities! I stumbled upon a huge map of The United States at the Dollar Tree the other day and had to pick it up! Before we were just using a little printed out map and it was difficult for her to truly see the different cities!

Map of The United States at Dollar Tree

More Ideas

My stepdaughter’s mom also has a super cute homeschooling space in her apartment as well! Her homeschooling space is easily changeable for the weekly lessons in her daughter’s curriculum and is also Christ-centered!

Her decor is all from the same staple places mentioned previously!

Her reading basket is a cute little wicker basket right next to a kid sized rocking chair!

Her Christian decor is also a great reminder that God is truly the center of everything and we ensure that in her Classical Conversations curriculum!

I know it can all seem overwhelming – our families are taking it day by day and with God-given grace! However, I hoped our spaces helped you decide what theme, design, and learning accessories you wanted for your family without breaking your bank! It shouldn’t cost a fortune to educate your children as God instructs us to!

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