How the Pandemic Helps Me to Serve Better at Home

Since March, I’ve stayed home to finish my college courses remotely while adapting to the new norms of the COVID-19 pandemic. Honestly, leaving college abruptly left me feeling empty. Not having a strong community and the liveliness of serving in college kept me from finding joy while staying at home.

In college, I was a student, a friend, a reference, and a spiritual leader. While I was striving to reach for A’s in all of my classes, I was meeting with friends, mentors, and students to build strong and lasting relationships. I enjoyed serving to the best of my ability to bring others to community while simultaneously building my professional network. Now, I am back home finishing up my senior year. At home, I am a daughter, a sister, and a relative to serve my family wholeheartedly.

Being Back Home Was Out of My Comfort Zone

I began college in August of 2017 and since then I came back home one summer after my freshman year of college, and occasionally visited during the holidays. On top of that, last summer I went on a mission trip then worked at a children’s Christian camp to find more spiritual growth while being obedient to where God was calling me.

Before the pandemic changed the world, I always thought that leaving home while growing in my college experience would lead me to avenues to serve better. Inevitably, there is truth to moving past the comfort zone. God called me to step into faith to leave home, attend college in Arizona and grow in my pursuit to know more about God’s heart.

Now, God is asking me to step into faith by growing more of my heart to serve my family and my home in ways that I have never expected. These growing factors are changing how I see God’s design for His daughters.

My Passion For Cooking Has Skyrocketed

“Sweetie, I would appreciate if you would please help me around the house.” my stepmom said as I was scrolling through my social media.

“Yeah, okay. No problem.” I replied. Clearly, by my statement alone I wasn’t enthusiastic about cooking a new meal for either myself or my family. In college, I have been so used to getting take-out such as Chick-fil-A or Einstein Bros. to satisfy my hunger when I was heading to class or a student leader meeting. Cooking wasn’t an initial desire of mine back in March. I preferred my stepmom to cook a prepared meal ready for me to eat because that’s what I have been used to eating for almost three years.

I felt very convicted to help my stepmom around the kitchen after she gave me a serious conversation about my lacking efforts to help with the smallest duties. After I willingly took the opportunity to help her prepare some delicious enchiladas, I felt something in my soul that began to change. Food is more than the satisfaction of fulfilling someone’s hunger. The time to prepare food with the intention of feeding goodness for the ones you love has some magic to it.

I’ve learned that cooking engages the nurturing trait that every woman has. It promotes liveliness in the home and it demonstrates a profound sense of creativity. Having fun in the kitchen not only grew my cooking skills but it provided a new sense of intentionality to grow in my relationship with my stepmom. Who knew that cooking would provide a great opportunity for deep talks and soul-searching altogether!

Cleaning Is More Than a Chore, It’s an Act of Gratitude

Honestly, cleaning up the home isn’t my favorite task to do. I’d prefer to finish long hours of homework or run a good mile than take an hour or two of my day to clean everyone’s restroom.

When I was living in my dorm back in college, I found joy cleaning up my restroom and my tiny bedroom space. For the most part, finding joy in cleaning up my dorm was congruent to what I appreciated. I appreciated what God provided for me – a roof over my head while I was away from home.

The things we have at home is more than a safe space for most people. That said, what we value at home should be taken cared of. If anything in your home has value, take care of it!

  • Want a nice restroom? Clean and disinfect it!
  • Want a smooth and clean tile floors? Sweep and mop at least three times a week or more!
  • Want a polished and presentable kitchen counter top? Clean, put away the dishes, and degrease the stove!

Serving at Home Develops a Strong Sense of Self

Ironically, the pandemic continues to provide many opportunities for us to grow. The home is a great place to start!

I’m learning what it means to serve my parents and family during this horrendous time. While I am at home, my role as a daughter is to honor my parents by helping them in areas of assistance.

I always thought that being a “good” daughter was to be a good girl with moral character, get good grades, and eventually leave the nest. Yes, all of those qualities are great however, I have been learning what it means to serve 100% at home as much as I did back in college.

No matter what season we are placed in, it is imperative to ask God what He is teaching us. If we ask God to search our hearts, we need to be willing to ACCEPT the truth on what He says about us.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10

Seeking new ways to grow in areas of your life is always rewarding. If you are in need of seeking growing opportunities, ask your Heavenly Father for guidance. Next, ask a trusted sister-in-Christ, mentor, and/or fellowship for some “growing” advice. Let today be your opportunity to grow in areas you’ve never imagined!

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I am young woman chasing after the heart of Jesus.

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